a·po·ri·a [uhpawr-ee-uh, uhpohr-] noun
1. Rhetoric. The expression of a simulated or real doubt, as about where to begin or what to do or say.
2. Logic, Philosophy. A difficulty encountered in establishing the theoretical truth of a proposition, created by the presence of evidence both for and against it.

welcome to aporia media

Founded in 2012, Aporia Media is one of Australia’s newest magazine publishers.

In today’s world of ‘new’ media, we’re proud to say that we are new. Unencumbered by traditional magazine approaches, we’re bringing new magazines covering new topics to a new audience.

Our magazines are high quality newsstand style publications, with a strong emphasis on design. Delivered in print and online formats, we blend tradition and technology to ensure they are available in the format our readers want. Written in a style that is conversational for even the most complex content, they are extremely accessible. By developing a deep understanding the needs of our readers, they are relevant.

Like the name suggests, Aporia Media magazines address topics that may cause confusion or uncertainty. We take those topics and present them in an easily understood and balanced way. With this philosophy, Aporia Media magazines entertain and inform.