Better Mental Health In Print

health magazine bornWith a flick of the wrist and a trick of the tail, Better Mental Health Magazine is going to print!

I posted previously that we had made the difficult decision to launch with a digital edition only, at least for the moment. Small print runs and traditional newsstand distribution for a niche magazine just didn’t seem viable. This seems ironic (crazy, even), given that the “niche” of mental health impacts one in four people across the globe. That’s possibly the largest niche of any kind!  But I digress…

I’ve spent the last couple of months contacting distributors, printers, mailing houses trying to find some way to make a print issue viable. Ideally, advertising, sponsorships. investors and grants help pay for large print-runs and traditional distribution. We don’t have that, be we do have complete independence and absolute commitment to what we’re doing. And that’s making the idea of better mental health accessible to everyone who cares about improving mental health and mental wellbeing for themselves, their family or friends, or their colleagues and staff.