Our Approach

We currently have several titles in the pipeline, for publication over the coming two years. Our magazines will, typically, be published quarterly. As they are specialist, even niche, publications with a large target readership, we want to ensure we have time between issues to incorporate feedback. We want every issue to be of the highest quality and extremely relevant to our readers and this takes time and care. It also gives our readers time to properly read, understand, apply and benefit from our magazines before they move onto the next issue.

Better Mental Health

Our flagship magazine, Better Mental Health, is aimed at the one in four who will be personally affected by a mental health issue each year and the other three in four who live, care, work and socialise with them. Whether life’s anxiety, workplace stress, experiencing something traumatic, or a complex clinical condition, all these situations can affect any person. For some people, it is passes with treatment and time, others live with it their entire life.  There is no immunisation or cure for a mental health issue. But there are ways to achieve better mental health. Understanding that, is the purpose of this magazine. For more information, visit the Better Mental Health website.