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Aporia Responds to Apple Removing Newsstand

With the big players in digital media trying to understand how to rebuild apps in response to Apple removing Newsstand, the niche health magazine, Better Mental Health, has decided to keep the standard app and drop prices on its digital platforms instead. Larger publishers need to keep moving with digital trends often dictated by the[…]

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Better Mental Health In Print

With a flick of the wrist and a trick of the tail, Better Mental Health Magazine is going to print! I posted previously that we had made the difficult decision to launch with a digital edition only, at least for the moment. Small print runs and traditional newsstand distribution for a niche magazine just didn’t seem viable. This seems ironic[…]

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Thank You For Your Encouragement

We have received considerable encouragement from anyone who has an understanding or, or personal experience with, mental health. This is a significant part of our modern society, and one that is too easily misunderstood, forgotten or ignored. So, those of you who know, know how important it is. So thank you for your encouragement. However,[…]