Everything about Aporia Media

So far, there’s not too much to say. Aporia Media started in 2010 writing and editing magazine and online content. At that time, the longer term plan was to publish our own titles. But we had to find the right title as our flagship and the right time to publish it. Late in 2011, we found that title, we believed it was the right time, and we put our heads together to launch our first magazine in 2014.

The rest, as they say, is history waiting to be written — and published, of course.

We are committed to

Our Readers First and foremost, our magazines are published to inform in a way that is accessible and entertaining. The needs of our readers drive everything we do. To ensure our magazines are in demand, we aim to provide information that is relevant, useful and always respectful.

Our Advertisers  Content is all important, but it comes in two forms. Articles provide information and advertising is a source of reference. To increase advertising effectiveness, we aim to place advertising near relevant content  and minimise competitive advertising.

The Environment  Publishing online only may be more environmentally sustainable but reduces the reader experience. Instead, we also publish in print using recycled and sustainable papers. Our websites are hosted in ‘green’ data centres. We are constantly striving to improve the energy efficiency of our own office.